printed pants white blazer style 1

There is always something special about September: end of summer, beginning of the fall and the perfect time to wear summer to fall transitional items. Since September was so nice and warm in my wardrobe there were lighter fabrics and summer like tops. I’ve been wearing those printed pants literally everywhere for the past few months and I guess this will be the last time you see them (this year). View Post

I think the main reason I love fall are the long knitted cardigans, PSL and ankle boots, besides the nature beauty of course! This time of the year autumn feels incredibly nice and warm, with the smell of fallen eaves and cinnamon.

grey dress knitted cardigan 1

Well that is the time when I start to pull out my beloved cardigans, but still wear loafers and pumps – one of my favorite times. Again, I’m using the “summer to fall” dress transition, because why not? I’ve styled same grey dress this spring. View Post

This might sound typical, but I love a good, fitted black dress. You can wear it anywhere and always look in style, in trend and appropriate. Little and not so little black dresses are the most classiest item you could find.

dezzal black dress in polka dot 4

By looking at my facial expression you can probably see that I love this dress with all my heart. I stick to transitional pieces that I can wear all year round and this polka dot dress is surely the one!
The sheer structure combined with the proper lining makes it very delicate and exquisite at the same time. View Post

I think that the weather has been very pleasant here lately and although it’s already “morning cardigan” weather I’m still rocking some of the summer pieces.

lace top mauve cardigan 7

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