• My Perfume Crush: Diptique Discovery Set

    Diptique Discovery Set: The perfect lux scent, not overpowering yourself. The smell of the Parisian store. The smell of something exciting.

    Textured top Zara outfit

    Ok so from the first time I saw this textured top I knew that it will be something "head-turning" and it really is.

    Cozy time

    A little glimpse of my quiet coffee break with a nice magazine and cozy surroundings.


    Minimalist Ring Stacking

    Not much text, just atmosphere pictures of my minimalist ring stacking.

    Versed Skincare Winter Favorites

    I’ve been trying new skincare brands and products for the past six months and now I have many favorites to share with you. I’ve decided to start with the latest addition to my skincare products collection - Versed skincare!

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    Satin skirt styled two ways

    I've been seeing so...many...videos and photos about styling either satin skirt or satin/slip dress that I decided that the time has come to copy some of them.

    Coffee & Flowers Aesthetics

    I've been obsessed with the coffee & flowers aesthetics photos lately and started to create some of my own to share this beauty with you.


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