oversize sweater

It’s the last day of November so I’ve decided to share my last fall look! You probably saw this oversized sweater everywhere since H&M started to sell it and here I am also wearing it.

Needless to say love it, I’ve been wearing tis turtleneck ever since I bought it and will continue to snuggle in it for the whole winter season. Now for the styling. This colour ensemble will fit absolutely any bottoms that you have (not printed of course), so here I am rocking it with my fave pair of beige ants and brown ankle boots.

Red color in the sweater’s print dare for the red lip, which I tried, but not this time 🙂 Looking at my wardrobe right now I see that I went a bit to crazy with the oversize sweater trend and now half of my wardrobe has only this  type of sweater.

In other news, I’m slowly preparing for my birthday (which is in less than a week) and making the list of all the Christmas trees in the area) View Post

leather jacket camel scarf

It might be the end of November, but the weather sure feels like mid September here. After the snow fall, warm days came back, which gave me another reason to rock my leather jacket.

I have just one more perfectly fall outfit to share with you (which I’ll be also rocking in winter time) and then I’m planning to transfer to the festive winter looks. I like the overall black & camel brown combination and think it always looks rich, despite the brand. As you remember I’ve styled this sweater differently some time ago so here I’m showing another way of wearing it.

In other news, my parents came to visit me for more than a month after not seeing them for 3 years! I’ve decided to take some cyber time off and happy to be back on track.

How are you darlings? Excited for the season?

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side slit sweater

Autumn this year has been very pleasant and mild, which is always a happy mood for me! While the Christmas hype is getting bigger and bigger, and I might mumble carols here and there, I still want to enjoy all the warm days and probably won’t share any winter outfits till December.

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plaid shirt

There is always something in the air in November, probably because it’s the last fall month, and the last month before Christmas & New year.  Well despite of the season there is one statement piece that never changes: plaid shirt.

Whether it’s cotton, flannel or poplin – plaid is plaid and it always looks good and feels super cozy. One of the frequent combinations – is plaid shirt dressed with the cardigan on top – it might sound boring, but I’d call it fall/winter classic. The overall outfit might look a bit cliche, but sequins in the cardigan fabric, statement necklace and overall colour match surely add some new perspective. View Post

over the knee boots for fall

Even the gloomy weather can result in great picture, especially if your dinner night out outfit matches the dark grey colors. I think in this outfit I’ve combined two of my frequently wearable trends: over the knee boots and top with lace hem.

It might look too gothic, but I thought that natural or bright red lip colors won’t match the overall outfit mood and therefore I applied the dark almost plumy/brick red lipstick. It matched perfectly and I received many compliments that night. As for the boots – I won’t lie if I tell you that I’ve been literally sleeping with them 🙂 I’ve been on a hunt for a good pair of grey/taupe color boots, which won’t be priced 2/3 of my monthly mortgage (by this time you’ve probably guessed that I was talking about Stuard Weitzman). Well I found them after the Nordstrom opening in Toronto, fell in love and took those babies home with me (insert a happy dance here). View Post