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When it comes to the tea one of my favourite quote to describe it is “A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.” If you ask me am I a team coffee or a team tea, I’ll answer BOTH! Yes, that’s how I am. Start my day with a cup of black tea, continue the day with my black coffee, have another cup of mild intensity tea at 3 and 5 pm and then finish the day with a cup of herbal tea like chamomile, mint or a mix of both. I drink tea the whole year round, and it is one of the things that comfort me whenever we are travelling or makes me warm inside and out on a chilly day.

I also have separate cups for my teas and coffee, as crazy as it sounds! My biggest cup goes for my morning tea, a habit which even my husband took from me. I have a small or medium-sized cups for my day and night teas. If it’s a loose leaf tea – double wall mug it is! As you can see – I love my hot beverages! Come to think f that I only have a few glasses for wine, two old-fashioned glasses for strong drinks and simple Ikea glasses for other beverages…and 15 cups and mugs for my hot drinks, which we use in rotation.

When I was introduced to Kusmi tea and read all about their history, I immediately knew that this would be collaboration I’ll love and enjoy! Bright history:

“Founded 150 years ago, Kusmi Tea Paris is a French tea brand that cultivates both modernity and tradition, through its creations around wellness tea, its unmissable classics and its traditional recipes, now iconic. Kusmi Tea Paris has opened 85 stores in 35 countries (including a store on the Champs-Élysées). The company offers more than 100 varieties of black, green and white teas, red teas and high-quality infusions using only whole leaves. Unlike most international high- end tea brands, Kusmi Tea Paris mixes, flavours and packs its teas in its workshops in Normandy (France). ”

As you can see this is a brand that was tested by ages, people and is growing from decade to decade! Now I was provided with a selection of teas which my family and I could enjoy. They were kind enough to include unique blends that I can safely use during pregnancy, and my husband and my in-laws enjoyed the rest. I really loved the Tsarevna holiday edition and even sipped a bit from hubby’s cup, just because I’m a fan of sweet orange, vanilla and almond flavours!

If you are a fan of tea and want to try Kusmi tea yourself you can also get a 10% off on your next purchase online: just by using my code: STRIPES10

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This post made in collaboration with Kusmi Tea Canada, all products provided for free, all opinions are real and my own.


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