almond croissant sunday morning

Some time ago we were at St. Lawrence Market (for a flower run) and all of a sudden I saw a local bake shop! We stood there drooling and trying to decide what (!!!!) and how much (!!!!) to buy! Well, as you can see we bought a lot 🙂 The almond croissant and blueberry muffin were so good, that I’ve decided to capture it on the photo!

What is your favorite pastry/baked goods?

spring trench coat

Last Sunday we went to Dinner Coffee Co to have their yummy cranberry muffins and cappuccino. The weather was gloomy, but warm and we decided to walk around the city before going for a coffee. I had a camera with me so…my husband asked if I’d like to take a few photos of my casual outfit and we did!

If you’ll ask me why I had a camera with me if we were just going for a coffee date I’ll tell you. When I was debating whether I should buy this backpack or not the strong point was: I can carry my camera in it! Well, I had to prove my point and show that it wasn’t just an impulsive buy, so yes!

I think that my style is sometimes bipolar – going from one direction to another 🙂 I’d say that 50% of it is casual chic, and the rest is either feminine wear or office wear (which I don’t want to focus that much). I’m constantly debating in between comfort and beauty, never ending story!

new balance sneakers jcrew spring trench coat

spring trench coat zara backpack

trench coat and stripe top spring trench coat

Trench coat: H&M | Stripe top: J. Crew | Jeans: Zara (similar jeans) | Sneakers: J. Crew | Backpack: Zara



dusty rose frill dress

March is almost over, can you believe it? For me the time has finally come to do the spring cleaning in my closet. While I’m happy to pull out some of the last season’s items, I’m more than happy to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe, like this dusty rose frill dress.
Frilled sleeves and frill dresses been a huge trend and it is still growing, especially if you’ll look through the storefronts. I have a decent amount of tops with frills, but there has been always a place for a dress! In one of my Instagram comments I told that I call this dress “all you can eat”, which is absolutely true. It’s beautiful enough to fit any occasion, but you won’t have to limit yourself in food and “suck it up” all the time. It’s very practical if you are a food lover, like I am. 🙂

frilled sleeve dress

dusty rose frill dress frill sleeve dress frill dress

Dress: Saks Off 5th c/o (similar here) | Shoes: Zara (similar here)



weekend morning in bed

Ever since the sun started to come out more often and it’s starting to get a bit (just a tiny bit) warmer I’ve transitioned to the “fun Spring mood”. Maybe it’s because the day is getting longer, I know for sure that soon it will be warmer and I can finally rock all of my shirt dresses and culottes. Or it might be because I finally got my braces removed after 2.4 years wearing them. I literally can’t stop smiling and staring at myself in the mirror. Anyhow, I just wanted to share with you this amazing picture, which makes me dream about the weekend, breakfast in bed and a full room of morning light along with the singing birds and fresh breeze of air from the balcony. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Source: Pinterest | Image credit to: Li-Chi Pan


lace bow top style

Today’s post is more of a happy mood one! First of all it’s Friday, secondly, it’s finally getting warmer again and lastly, I’m finally recovering from a terrible flu that I’ve got from my husband 🙂 Those photos were taken a week ago, when it was very pleasant outside and it motivated me to dress up nicely to the office! To me this style is kind of office chic. It’s elegant, dressy, includes lace, bow and heels. There is no other way to be dressier for the office sometimes if you’ll ask me.

I try to stick to the items I have in my wardrobe and mix and match them in all possible ways. First of all it’s fun and creative. If Parisians can do it, why not to try?
Secondly, it’s a great way to review your closet and start investing in your items in a smart way. For example, this lace bow top was used in following looks: with summer pleated skirt | with pink wool sweater | with long grey cardigan and those were outfits that I did blog posts on, not mentioning how many times I wear it on an everyday basis.

How many clothing items do you multi-use?

lace bow top style

lace bow top style lace bow top style

lace bow top style lace bow top style chic office style

Sweater: Asos | Lace bow top: Banana Republic | Jeans: Zara | Boots: Asos | Watch: c/u Daniel Wellington