Early Mothers Day with Nude by Nature Gift Sets

Nude by Nature Mothers Day stripesnvibes (2 of 5)

This year will be my first year celebrating Mothers Day as a real mom! Before I counted it as a fur baby mom, but this year it’s a proper celebration for me.

Although the only gift right now I want is for my 7 weeks old to stop crying from colics and being so fussy and yeah, a proper 8-hour sleep, I still love to receive presents. In this case, I was kindly gifted with two gift sets for the upcoming Mothers Day, which I will keep one for myself and yes, give the second one to my mom!
I really love how thoughtful those sets are, including everything you need for the “fresh face makeup” or a “no makeup” makeup look. Only essentials. Only the best ingredients. And everything to cover my dull, zombie looking face, lol.

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Set & Glow

I wrote about Nude by Nature before, when I did my test order, so I still have my lippies with me to finish the look.
Did you ever use Nude by Nature before? What are your thoughts?

Nude by Nature Mothers Day stripesnvibes (5 of 5)

Signature Collection

As mentioned above I was kindly gifted with the sets, but the initiative to write a blog post and my opinion are 100% honest and my own.


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