Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows Evening Break

Hot chocolate with marshmallows (2 of 2)

The name of this post says it all! Whenever you need a break from the Christmas shopping anxiety, gloomy clouds and the rush to finish all the work stuff by the holidays, it’s the time to take a hot chocolate with marshmallows break!

I know that there are plenty of homemade mixes over the internet, but being tired and a bit lazy I’ve opted out for a nice store-bought mix, which included everything plus the little chocolate chips that we’ve also mixed in. To me, there is nothing better than to sit beside the twinkling Christmas tree, watch an excellent old movie like Home Alone (1 & 2 are my most favourite) and sip on a cup of a hot chocolate with marshmallows. As they melt into the mix and you warm up from the inside you get a feeling of happiness and warm inside and out. Also, yes, please don’t count the calories that day 🙂

Hot chocolate with marshmallows (1 of 2)


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