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pink peonies & coffee morning (1 of 2)

Ever since becoming a mama morning coffee became a sacred ritual that only I can understand. Those 10 minutes of peace and quiet with a cup of hot (I repeat HOT) coffee and a sweet snack (while Robert is still little and can’t steal them from me) is a necessity for every mother out there.

During these 10 minutes you unplug, slowly scroll your news feed or just mindlessly stare outside of the window on a neighbours dog (like I do) and exhale! It’s enough to recharge and reboot your mind and also to prepare for the day full of smiles, cries, run around and play (as well as all the house chores, freelance and etc.). And also, if the stars aligned properly that day and you happened to have a gorgeous bouquet of peonies, then why not take a beautiful picture of it?

And this how those photos were done. Beautiful and inspirational? Yes! But there is also more thoughts inside that photo if you know what I mean.

pink peonies & coffee morning (2 of 2)


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