My New Perfume: Chloé Nomade

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Hello, darlings!
I’m a sucker for a great smelling perfume, especially when it is in beautiful packaging. Each bottle that I buy, or being gifted from my husband, represents either a significant moment in our lives, a new travel destination or a new season. For some reason, I don’t post about perfumes that often.
So today I’m showing you my newest addition to the perfume collection: Chloé Nomade! I must say I became obsessed with the smell ever since I got them as a tiny tester with my Sephora order and knew right away that I WILL have a full sized bottle.

Shop my faves:

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This scent represents my recovery, the start of the Spring and the start of a new milestone of our life! That’s how in love I am with my Chloé Nomade perfume!

Before buying any new scent, I always test it for a few days on me. From hot to cold temperatures and also in the AM or PM, because this is how the smell differs. It passed all the tests, and my husband got the hint so in a week I had a full sized bottle 🙂

Because the packaging and the bottle itself was so beautiful, I was so inspired and took a bunch of photos so enjoy!

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