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I mentioned it already a couple of times here and on my Instagram that we have the main wall gallery in our living room, and I created another one above my vanity table. I really need to review and change most of our wall gallery prints in the living, but I got lucky and was gifted new prints for my vanity table gallery.

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The Opposite Wall in our local Canadian business and they have tons of prints in different sizes, styles literally, for any room and even have framed. I’m currently browsing through their website and selecting prints for the nursery because I am a procrastinator and Robert is super fussy, so I didn’t have time to do it yet. I was very naive thinking that when he is born, we will see what’s his character and then easily choose his wall gallery prints and install them. Well, I should’ve listened to all the people (midwife, ultrasound technicians) who told that he will be a stubborn baby))

Back to the prints… When I first decided to do something about the blank space above my vanity table, I thought about the minimalist prints, frames and overall theme. So, we went to Ikea, I found some prints and frames, and that’s how the gallery was created. I had to cut some prints because the frames were smaller in size.

When I received an email from the Opposite Wall team that they sent me some prints I thought well, what if they won’t fit, because it was a surprise gift after all. Believe it or not, they fit perfectly! One print with the saying “C’est la vie” was smaller in size, so I used the blanc back of my old print and adjusted it in the centre. Voilla!
I even managed to do some shots, which I’m proudly sharing with you today!  Opposite Wall Gallery Prints 2

I was kindly gifted with prints from Opposite Wall, the initiative to share my opinion is my own.

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