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pancakes brunch at home (1 of 2)

Pancakes brunch at home on Sundays has become our little, soon to grow family tradition. Every Sunday we sleep more (if Walter the cat allows) and by the time we are ready to eat our breakfast, it’s almost noon, so we opt for brunch instead.

Usually, I make my pancakes on a medium-sized pan and make three-four at a time. Today, I decided to experiment. What happens when you use a mini frying pen? Picture perfect pancakes!
I won’t lie, it took me three times more to do them, but the result was so worth it! They were, of course, super tasty and I used the classic pancakes recipe as usual. With the Christmas tree up and rainy day outside our pancakes brunch at home became so warm and cozy!

pancakes breakfast at home (2 of 2) pancakes brunch at home (2 of 2)


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