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Oh, hi there! It’s been a while since I posted here, so today I’m showing you the loved by everyone pearl barrette trend on me. I took some time off social media and didn’t post much here and on my Instagram. With a little baby, life is like this. It’s all about priorities, but being a mom and a blogger, I try to do both when the time allows. So let me start talking about the pearl barrette trend.

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I’ve been eyeing it for a long time but didn’t have the right hairpiece to match my fine and terribly falling (say hello to postpartum hair loss) hair. And then, when I was shopping for some baby clothes on H&M, I found them. Delicate, light, flexible and oh so beautiful pearl barrettes. Of course, I had to buy them and save to favourites some other hair accessories just to buy them in the future.
The pearl barrette trend was with me since my childhood (raise your hand who had the same). I had big, chunky pearl hair clips since I was 9 and had long hair and was wearing them non stop. Then something changed, and I forgot about them until this year. I love pearls and been wearing them with again, super trendy gold jewelry for a while now, but with the pearl barrette hype, I was debating if I should try it or not. Don’t get me wrong the trend is fantastic, but a) EVERYBODY was rocking it, from magazines to IG, to street style to hair salons and b) I wasn’t quite sure if I should spend money on something that won’t look good or slip from my fine hair. I took a shot and glad I did it.

Pearl Barrette hair clip 1


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