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The temperature might be higher that normal and snow is melting more and more, but it doesn’t stop cold wind gusts and flues that you catch after them. This is one of the reasons why my winter outfits are always warm and cozy. It’s as simple as it gets.

I think that all of the fellow bloggers who take their pictures in the freezing cold, wearing their summer dresses and flats, deserve more that just a gold medal! I admire them because I can’t do it like this)

Someone needs to show their sweaters so let it be me 🙂 This sweater was bought just before Christmas when my parents were visiting me. My mom actually spotted it and told me that I need to try it. Being an oversize sweater lover, I did it and I loved it. Super warm, but breathable, with an amazing color that matches every pair of pants that I own, this cozy thing stole my heart. I know that a piece of clothing is just a piece of clothing, but sometimes it’s just more. Don’t you all agree?

zara oversized coat oversized sweater style grey style outfit oversized coat and sweater oversized sweater

Sweater: Mendocino | Pants: Zara | Boots: Marc Fischer | Coat: Zara



cable-knit oversized sweater

The past year my style preference started to change towards the clean and simple lines in clothes and slowly getting into the minimalist style inspired one. Well, this winter I decided not to freeze my butt off by trying to take pictures in clothes in light fabric and just go with the weather flow.

Every time when I wanted to take an outfit shot this winter has been a disaster for me :))) It was either snow storming, getting way too cold, super windy or else. Considering this and my office cool temperatures I decided to spend this winter under tons of warm, chunky, wool blend, cable-knit oversized sweaters.

Here’s another cable-knit oversized sweater variation that I’ve been wearing lately (and feeling absolutely wonderful in it). Lately I became so good in wearing oversized items, that I’m already ordering some shirts and tops for the summertime and can’t wait to pull it on! It doesn’t mean that from now on my wardrobe consists mainly of oversized items, but white it’s still trending I can see more and more of them coming in.

oversized sweater H&M

oversized sweater

cable-knit oversized sweater  oversized sweater

Cable-knit Sweater: H&M | Pants: Zara | Boots: Vince Camuto | Watch: Daniel Wellington c/o | Lips: Two Faced in Wham!





NOIZE Kyla Parka Jacket

Winter weather has finally came to us and we are dressing up in everything warm that we have in our closets. Chunky knits are leading in my closet and the grey color scale is one of the frequent combinations I wear this days.

When it comes to the freezing weather – layers are my everything! But, when I want to dress up something more elegant and don’t want to wear sweaters I rely on the good quality winter jackets or parkas, like this one.

I always wanted greyish toned outerwear and couldn’t find anything that would match my liking. Well, after seeing this Noize parka I found that color & design that beat the others, plus it’s Canadian! View Post

oversize sweater

It’s the last day of November so I’ve decided to share my last fall look! You probably saw this oversized sweater everywhere since H&M started to sell it and here I am also wearing it.

Needless to say love it, I’ve been wearing tis turtleneck ever since I bought it and will continue to snuggle in it for the whole winter season. Now for the styling. This colour ensemble will fit absolutely any bottoms that you have (not printed of course), so here I am rocking it with my fave pair of beige ants and brown ankle boots.

Red color in the sweater’s print dare for the red lip, which I tried, but not this time 🙂 Looking at my wardrobe right now I see that I went a bit to crazy with the oversize sweater trend and now half of my wardrobe has only this  type of sweater.

In other news, I’m slowly preparing for my birthday (which is in less than a week) and making the list of all the Christmas trees in the area) View Post

wool coat winter style

TGIF guys, it’s finally end of the week!
How was your week sweethearts? Hope you are happy and healthy!
When it’s cold outside and you need to go out I prefer to dress warm and cozy. You all know my love for the oversized or boyfriend style sweaters and if it’s a wool one I’m sold!
I’ve been wearing this sweater all past winter and it is still part of my everyday wear, especially casual Fridays. As for the bright accent, the lime scarf, oh well, I can’t go anywhere without adding a pop of color to the outfit (at least most of the times).
Now question to all my brave style bloggers, how do you take your photos when it’s freezing outside? Any tips? Special powers?
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