Warm Winter with Cougar Boots

cougar boots vanetta (6 of 7)Hey darlings, I hope you are staying warm this winter! I’m not sure if I ever wrote about the winter boots, but these beauties are worth talking about, so let’s begin.
I’ve received my Vanetta Cougar boots pair in November and believe it or not I’ve been wearing them non stop ever since then. First of all, I go out daily for a stroller walk (when the weather allows of course); secondly, I never had a beautiful pair of winter boots that I can wear from outside to inside and lastly, they are the most comfortable and warmest shoes I’ve ever had.

When your baby sleeps only in a moving stroller, you never stop and therefore, I’m always on the move. Before, when I was wearing regular boots, my feet were freezing after 15 minutes of walking, plus by the end of the walk, my feet were killing me. Now, it is like walking on a cloud, and I haven’t worn them with the thick sock yet, despite the cold weather drops on some weeks.
I almost forgot to mention that I’ve styled my Cougar boots with a wool coat, puffer vest, puffer coat and even faux fur gilet.

If you are looking for a similar pair, you can choose between Vanora (more fur details and similar sole, which is my second favorite design), Vivian (similar model, but for whose of you who love the pop of color, although there is a model in neutral as well) or Vail (for those of you who need higher model with less details).

cougar boots vanetta (7 of 7)

cougar boots vanetta (2 of 7) cougar boots vanetta (3 of 7)I was gifted with the boots, all opinions as well as the initiative to write a blog post is my own.


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  1. olga
    January 8, 2020 / 1:29 pm

    Какие ботинки!Класс! Такие фотографии красивые,живые

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