Winter Lip Care Essentials

Lip care essentials (1 of 6)While we try so hard to keep our skin nourished and hydrated throughout the winter, we often forget about the lip care essentials during this time. A chopstick and a lip gloss might work for some, and others, like I am, need some extra care.

Nobody likes dry, soar, chapped lips, but with the cold weather, freezing winds and dry air inside it happens very often. Did you know that the skin on your lips is thinner than it is anywhere else on your body? Only this fact may get you thinking that even if you didn’t care enough about this part of your face, you definitely should.

I’ve created the list of the lip care essentials that helped me this winter. Some of them are not pictures as you may have noticed.

Lip Care Rituals:

  • Exfoliate, by using either the store bought (like the one I’ve mentioned) or homemade (sugar + coconut oil + honey/2 drops of rose oil). No more than two times per week.
  • Mask, with an overnight mask that will restore the hydration balance and make your lips super soft.
  • Soothe, with lip oils or extra moisturizing lip balm.
  • Moisture, by applying a nourishing lip conditioner during the day or before your makeup.
  • Although the matte lipstick is drying your lips faster than the rest, it is still important to choose the ones that will have some hydrating elements in them.

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Lip Care Products:

Lip balms/conditioners | Lip Polishes | Lip Masks:

Hydrating Lipsticks | Lip Oils:

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