• Favourite Skincare & Makeup of 2019

    I'll start from skincare first as I've used three different brands throughout the past few months and have the fourth that I've started using a few weeks before the New Year.

    Warm Winter with Cougar Boots

    Hey darlings, I hope you are staying warm this winter! I'm not sure if I ever wrote about the winter boots, but these beauties are worth talking about, so let's begin.

    New Year 2020 Quotes

    I really hope you'll like my New Year 2020 quotes selection!


    Satin Dress Style for Christmas

    In my opinion, the satin dress is the best option for Christmas and other festive occasions. Sleek, elegant, and always beautiful!

    Winter Transitions: Sweater Dress

    Throughout the years, one piece of clothing always was my favourite: a sweater dress.

    Fleece Sweater & White Jeans

    In this post, I’m just showing the elegant ways of how to style a fleece sweater & white jeans to avoid the “sporty” look.

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    Coffee & Flowers

    These pictures were taken a while back, when it was still pleasant outside & there were a lot of beautiful fresh flowers on the market.

    Trench coat & Knit Dress Street Style

    In my opinion, the classic combination of a trench coat & knit dress is low key, but at the same time not low key at all.

    My Dior Makeup Collection

    I’d call it Dior makeup collection, although I have one item which is technically related to skincare. Since it’s still the same brand, I’ve included it in this post as well.


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