3 Ways to Style a Leopard Sweater

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It’s not a secret. The leopard print continues to be a massive trend through ought the seasons. Well, I finally decided to jump into this style bandwagon and get myself something with this favourite animal print. After trying on and making returns for several items that didn’t fit me (in my current condition), I finally found one that fits me perfectly and can be styled with my growing bump.

As I keep repeating (and hearing the same from many style gurus) if you are not ready for the bold print you can start with something small and subtle, like a hair clip, thin waist belt, or a clutch. Then you can elevate to skirts, booties, sweaters or even coats.
Today I’ll talk about three ways to style a leopard sweater based on my example and will add a few suggestions for other outfit variations.

Preppy & Classic

I went with a classic way of styling leopard sweater: jeans, ankle booties, faux leather jacket and a similar tone bag. I would, however, add a white shirt underneath for an added layer, which would look beautiful and add more warmth to the outfit. This style is one of those quickie outfits that you don’t need to think much before dressing up but will look preppy chic anywhere.

Edgy & Feminine

Being pregnant I would style this leopard sweater with a knitted skirt, preferably black, sock booties and an elegant camel coat on top. Next year, however, I would pair this cropped sweater with a pleated or a skater mini skirt, over the knee boots and cat eye sunglasses.

Contemporary & Sleek

Same leopard sweater, classic black blazer, skinny jeans, high heel pumps and maybe a baker boy hat for an added chic.

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leopard sweater style 1

Sweater: Mango (size S, is a bit loose) | Jeans: Mango | Faux Leather Jacket: Mango | Boots: Gap (old) | Bag: J. Crew


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