Ankle Wedge Boots – Dress for Less!

As many of you know Isabel Marant sneakers were and are soo popular that almost every shoe brand now owns a pair or two of similar styled sneakers! Now, during the fall season, we all need something less sporty and more classic style, yet having the same trend popularity! And of course Isabel Marant is on top once again with her Scarlet Suede and Leather Wedge Boots.
The disappointing part is the price, I know it’s “brand” and so on, but for me it’s too much. I’m against fakes when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories but there is nothing wrong to stick with the look-a-likes, made by all known mass market brands like Mango or Zara 🙂 They are the first who do the great and “almost like it” copies :))

I found several ankle boots that I want to share with you!

First ones are the real Isabel Marant Scarlet Suede and Leather Wedge Boots

They can be yours for the listed price of : $1,560 (so you can either go to the 5 start all inclusive resort for a week or you can buy those babes).

Next ones I found not that cheap and not that look-a-like, but more “they remind me of” are Hocus Pocus wedge boots (for small sizes only) for the price of £249.00 / CA $414.17.

The best “dress for less” are of course Mango Velcro Suede Wedge Ankle Boots for $190.

Then we have only leather JACELYN Ankle Boots from Aldo shoes for the price $140 (they have them in black and grey/nude colours).

If you don’t like the Velcro, but love the pointy toe, leather strap around the ankle and wedge boots, you can find some of the models which are similar to Isabel Marant Sade wedge boots (costing you 735,00 €/ around 1045$ ). Original:

The next models are not look alike but still have something similar 🙂

Costume National pointed toe booties, for the price of $980.00

Rachel Roy Pointed Toe Wedge Booties – Arielly for 430$.

Susan by Madison Harding for the price 252$.

Last we have models for the lovers of Wedge ankle boots with pointy toe.

First we have Carvela Share Leather Slim Wedge Pointed Ankle Boots from for the price of $284.77.

Then we have our beloved Mango Wedge Leather Ankle Boots for 130$.

Finally, my loves,  Wedge Ankle Boots from Zara for as low as 60$ (CAD). I own them and you will see some looks I’ve done/will do wearing them with the dress and skirt.

Hope this will help you when choosing your pointed toe wedge ankle booties that are in trend now!


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