Black Beach Cover Up 🖤

summer beach cover up

Summer days are still here and the weather is getting very nice here in Ontario around the month of August. So when the weather is nice and hot there is no better way of cooling down, but to wear light, short clothes.

While some people feel very comfortable wearing all kinds of clothing others don’t. Well, today I’ll share nice outfit ideas to get all of you covered!

I know that cover ups and throws been out there for a few seasons now and every season you see more and more variations of them. Some people buy light kimonos, others light summer cardigans, me – cover up.

I think that cover up is a very versatile item. You can wear it over the bikini or bathing suit like I did here, wear over that crop top and short denim shorts (similar to what I’m wearing here) or even (my thoughts for the early fall) – wear it over the t-shirt, skinny jeans or leggings and heels. All of those variations will look fabulous on most of the body types.

Similar items here:

Cover Up: Asos | Shorts: Hollister | Top: Zara | Sneakers: Adidas women

black cover up
black beach cover up
beah cover up

beack kaftan

beach cover up

summer beach cover up


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