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Three weeks ago I found out about “Tech Neck” trend and how it’s related to our premature aging. The word itself might sound cool, but the truth is bittersweet.
Apparently, our constant neck bending to look at screens (🖐 constant Instagram and text messages) is leading to sagging and drooping skin around the jaw line, creasing and skin slackening.

Most of us are concentrated on the T-zone and “face only” skin care and we often forget about our lower face, neck and upper chest areas, leaving the regular body cream to do its job. Well, because of the progress, constantly evolving social media and our phone technology we are becoming more and more dependent from our phones. They say that on average, we peek at our screen up to 150 times a day. Well, if you work in that industry I’d say the number will go way higher than this. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been counting every time I look or do something on my phone or laptop (bending my neck) and my numbers are very sad.

Top Neck Skin Care Tips

The truth always hurts, but there is always a bright side. The product we were introduced to is Contour Plus, which is a neck sculpting gel concentrate. It not only rejuvenates and regenerates, but (drum roll please) sculpts! After that, besides my “face routine”, I also started “neck routine”, which concentrates on jawline, neck and décolleté . Besides the science behind this product, it also has a very interesting texture. At first it looks like a cream, but when you massage Contour Plus onto the skin, it transforms into a gel like texture, which makes a little amount go a long way.

Three weeks after using the Contour Plus, I do see and feel the difference. I feel like my neck and décolleté are finally getting the care they needed and I can see how my skin is getting firmer. You do need to use it longer (approximately 2 months) to see the full effect, so I believe that there will be more to come.

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My Top Neck Skin Care Tips.

Tip 1. Massage.

Most important in neck massage is its proper direction. Start by moving both your palms from lower to upper region in vertical movements. Never massage your neck in circular motions or from top to bottom.

Tip 2. Mild Exfoliation.

Use soft or mild exfoliations in mild strokes for not longer than 5 minutes.

Tip 3. Toner & Sunscreen.

Always use it for both: face & neck.

Tip 4. Aways remove makeup.

Always remove makeup from your face and neck. Don’t forget that neck & décolleté are no different than the skin of your face. It also contains pores. Makeup blocks the pores and obstructs the skin of the neck to breathe properly.

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Product was provided to me for free at the event. All opinions are honest and my own.

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