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Afternoon Tea With Kusmi Canada

Afternoon Tea With Kusmi Canada

I was provided with a selection of Kusmi teas which my family and I could enjoy. Read more on how I liked this and all of my other teas.
Pancakes Brunch at Home | Sunday Mood

Pancakes Brunch at Home | Sunday Mood

Pancakes brunch at home on Sundays has become our little, soon to grow family tradition.
Sweet Treat | Ladurée Macarons

Sweet Treat | Ladurée Macarons

I guess it’s becoming a little tradition of mine, starting the cold season with a box of Ladurée macarons.


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#November | Hygge Time
Healthy & Tasty Breakfast with Oatbox
Locals Toronto: Nugateau Patisserie

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Weekend Beauty | Garden Roses & Peonies
Good Morning! Happy Friday With Healthy Breakie
My art of a perfect breakfast. Weekend mood…


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