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Glossier Generation G Lipsticks

While I’m almost on the 39 weeks of pregnancy and approaching my due date, my days are slowing down and mainly consist of visiting washroom and laying on the couch with my laptop searching for the nursery staff. Yes, I’m one of those people who still didn’t finish the decoration, although all the furniture is in its place, except for the rug.

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And since it’s cold and slippery outside, and I’m wobbling like a penguin I’m also not getting out that much, lol. So, my current shopping newbies are obviously from skincare and makeup.

My newest obsessions are two of the Generation G lipsticks I bought from the Instagram from the brand I follow and know for a while now. I wanted something with sheer colour, velvety or close to matte, but still hydrating and also something that will look like a lip stain, without drying the lips and I found it. The two colours Crush (which is red) and Like (which is dark raspberry) look quite dark in the tube, but believe me they are very sheer and buildable in real life. One or two layers will give you a nice blotted lip, and three-four layers will have more vibrant, yet still muted shade. Now, considering how long they will last me and how well they hold their colour I would say these Generation G lipsticks are worth their price, but I’m still not so sure I would repurchase them.

What you also need to know is both lipsticks (and I’m guessing just like the rest of them) have a waxy texture, maybe even too sticky, so if you are not into that or don’t like the feel maybe think twice. This feeling is the main reason I would think next time if I’ll repurchase them.
Also, on the website some photos make them look like they have a sheer in them (that’s what I thought when I added my generation g lipstick in Crush), but they are not, I guess it’s the new formula as I read the reviews and some of them said that the old formula had the sheer. Just keep it in mind when making your order.

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  1. olga
    March 7, 2019 / 6:59 am

    Какой цвет помады ! Очень красивый

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