Custom Made Surprise Dessert.

Custom made surprise dessert.
Summer is perfect time for BBQ with family and friends, and when you host it you always want to make it warm, fun and special.
This year we were hosting our family BBQ for the first time as married couple and coincidentally it was at the same date as our 6 years (together) anniversary. Well it was a challenge at first, but then it turned out pretty good!
My part here was the most girly part: dessert and arrangements and since it was July 1st (Canada Day) we decided that colour scheme will be red and white. For me special is custom, something that was done with your hands and your sole so when I was recently introduces to TinyPrints I knew right away that this was exactly what I was looking for. If you’ve need on any BBQ party you know that meat/veggies/salads are pretty much the same and mostly look the same so I will show you the “special part” of that day. I wanted to make our anniversary present as sweet as dessert could be so what I did was custom made surprise dessert using Acrylic Photo Block.
It’s easy as 123 and won’t take a lot of your time, but the effect will be outstanding. You can choose any photo you like, customize it by using the tools on the website and wait for it to be delivered! If you will tell your guests that the actual surprise is underneath the dessert it will be eaten in a minute and will stimulate your guests to try all you cooked or bought 🙂
It can be Housewarming party surprise dessert with the photo of the people you go to, you can do the Baby gender reveal surprise by choosing the photo with blue/pink accent and keeping this photo block for your sweet child to remember. 
Now to the sweet little accents that you may want to add – custom gift tag that can be used in so many ways besides the actual “tag”. I used it in 2 ways : cupcake topper and sparklers holder.
For the cupcake topper I just chose the custom option gift tag, uploaded my picture (with Insta-Party design you can add your own photo/picture) and voila you have your toppers ready. Stick them to the toothpick as is and you’ll have them in square shape (like this Good Grilling design), work with scissors like I did and you have the round, heart, star/leaf shapes.

For the sparklers holder it’s even simpler: cut small hole in the middle and push the sparklers through or simply just stick them together.

Thank you TinyPrints for making this collaboration possible and brighten up our event!

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