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Roses, as well as all other flowers and plants, are always in bloom with Darphin skincare. Fall or winter, spring or summer – with this fantastic brand you always get the best ingredients with the best natural scent and natural ingredients.
You know that I love Darphin skincare and even did several posts (here , here and here) about different lines that they have. Well, the time has come to feature the newest addition for the Darphin family: botanical infusions.

I was kindly sent a few products to test out, with some of which I was familiar at the past and even used them before.

Rose Hydra-Nourishing Oil Cream

“The hydra-nourishing power of our formula with Rose for soft, healthy-looking and supple skin.”

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This oil face cream contains a blend of rose essential oil, flower water and flower wax. As stated on the packaging it did leave my skin very moisturized, feeling comfortable and even soothed.
It is, in fact, the only one product I never tried before and fell in love immediately. Ever since getting pregnant my skin became drier and as a result dull. I had to completely change my skincare (and will talk about this more in the upcoming posts) and add a lot of products which contain rose or rose oil in them. This rose oil face cream was another great addition to my new skincare family, and I’ve been using it in the mornings on its own or in the evenings after massaging 8 Flower Nectar Aromatic Care Oil.

Collection of Four Mini Essential Care Oils

“An opulent, aromatic essential oil elixir, crafted from eight precious flowers, that nurtures the complexion to make it appear smoother, firmer, and more youthful.”

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Well, I already tried the full sized Chamomile and Tangerine essential care oils before and honestly, I’ve used them till the last drop. The Chamomile oil is perfect to use for sensitive, redness-prone skin. I used it after facials, after home face treatments and whenever I saw a pimple or two coming out. The Tangerine oil is great to restore the skin radiance and ideal for the skin with first signs of ageing, which being in my 30s is a perfect time to start using this particular oil.
As for the rest, the Jasmine oil is a great wrinkle soother, so I’ve been using it on my forehead (just, believe me, I don’t wear bang just because they suit me, there is another reason to it). And the 8-Flower Nectar just does it all! If you were thinking of investing in a good face oil, I would suggest starting with minis, but in case there are not available the 8-Flower Nectar is the best, to begin with!

Petal Infusion Lip Oil

“A lip oil infused with rose petals for nourished, soft, and glossy lips.”

Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil

The consistency is more of a gel than oil, and I read some comments about this lip oil could feel a bit sticky. I didn’t notice that, and usually, the slightly sticky texture doesn’t bother me so just keep that in mind if you are very sensitive to that.
It does condition for a long time and really helps with the cracked lips like I tent to have in the fall/winter time, so I consider this Lip Oil to be a real helper during the rest of the fall and the whole winter. I leave it for 10-15 minutes while doing my makeup, gently pat it with the napkin before applying lipstick or just use as is in the evening while watching TV until it absorbs.

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All opinions are my own. The products were received as a part of PreenMeVIP program and tested for three weeks before posting my opinion.


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