Denim on Denim 👖 | Canadian Tuxedo Style

denim jacket and jeans style

I don’t know about you, but to me denim jacket has always been a life saver! Whether it’s cold or hot, day or night, spring or summer, it’s always there for you.

Lately we’ve had strange weather changes from hot and humid to rain and hail, so I’ve been taking my denim jacket with me everywhere. This day was no different. We were strolling through the city when I thought why not take few outfit pictures and here’s what we did!

As for the shoes, they’ve been the star of all of my photos. I bought them on a whim and never regret it! Besides the obvious dress or skirt combination I wanted to also incorporate them into an ordinary, super casual and relaxed outfit, which I did. How did you like it?

canadian tuxedo
canadian tuxedo style
denim jacket style
denim jacket and lace cami

zara satin embellished flats
canadian tuxedo style

denim jacket and lace cami

Denim Jacket: Gap | Shirt: H&M | Lace Cami: H&M | Jeans: Zara | Flats: Zara (same in orange color) | Bag: Michael Kors



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