DIY Glitter flats!

This DIY is not new and has been out there for a while, but it just hit me few days ago that I need to have the glitter flats in the colour I couldn’t find in the stores. Since past 2 months were “buy-it-all-on-the-sales-you-see” I’ve decided to save my money (and my husbands nerves) and try to do it myself. I guess they turned out great (open the whole post to see more).

I didn’t do the photos of what I’ve used (my sneaky cat was everywhere so it was hard to manage the photo process), but I’ll post the links with pictures.

Martha Stewart glitter in Yellow Gold I wanted the mix between gold and silver (which this particular colour has – see photos below) and for the glitter to be as small as possible.

Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Paper plate or shallow container (for the mix).
Spray sealer

Now the process is simple.
Tap off any section of the shoes, which you don’t want to be painted.
Mix in the container/paper plate glitter with the mod podge and start painting the mixture on your shoes. I’ve did it in 4 coats, VERY thin coats, believe me it looks a lot better when there’s no chunks of the glitter or strikes (as I’ve made this mistake on one of the shoe, but corrected).
Let each coat to dry for 15-20 minutes between painting and mod podge WILL dry clear so don’t worry of the white mess you’ll see while painting your shoes 🙂

Once all done leave it to dry for an hour and spray with the sealer to avoid your new colour crackling or wearing off in the first rain you’ll catch in your revived shoes. Remove the tape and you’re ready to go!

Here it’s clearly visible – the colour mix between gold and silver.


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