Dress for Less: Burberry Style Trench Coat.

Trench coats

Let’s be honest – most of us know about the iconic Burberry trench and most of us dreaming about it but only some of us have it. I know it’s all started from them and Burberry trenches are the most recognizable and versatile coats so far, but if the price is too high you can always find something more affordable.
This kind of coat is not something new and won’t be on top for only one or two seasons so there are many other items that have same style, look, color and length.

I’ll post few of my finds below and will add few advices on how to choose your new trench or upgrade the old one.

Advices for new coat:
– Check the lining: sometimes even the cheapest variations can have good lining and the higher priced ones not. Go for printed good quality lining.
– Make sure to get it in your size: you can wear small size in one brand and medium to large in other, don’t look at the label size, try it, make sure it sits and looks good on you. You need to have the coat that can be worn over the shirt or light sweater so don’t go for the “glove fit” style.
If you buy it online then check all the measurements and compare to yours, if there will be any reviews read them as well.
– It’s all about the fabric: make sure it feels solid, it should be thick and preferable 100% cotton.

For old coat:
– Dry clean it to refresh, the cost is not that high but it will remove even the oldest make up stains, it will help to remove all the stretch outs and it will be ironed so good you’ll fall in love with that coat once again!
– Change the buttons: it’s rare to find new buckle for the belt but it’s so easy to find good quality buttons. I prefer dark brown or tortoise.
– Reshape it: if you’ve been saving on that coat, worn it for few seasons and still want to keep it but want something new – just reshape it. You can go for long sleeveless trench vest or simple short trench.

From the picture:

Plus more affordable options below:
Zara ($130)Mango ($114)Top Shop ($190)Nasty Gal ($50)H&M ($75)John Lewis ($240)French Connection ($202)Calvin Klein ($123)Michael Kors ($155)Banana Republic ($260)Gap ($125)

Few more images in widget.


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