Dusty Pink Roses #Friday đź’—

dusty pink roses 1

Ever since moving to our condo most of my friends started to associate me with the fresh flowers. I keep hearing that I have so many vases (some of them, even have stories of how or why I bought them), she always has fresh flowers or they know for sure that if they bring me flowers I’ll always have a space for them.

dusty pink roses 3
This is happening for two reasons: 1) I don’t have a green thumb and I am a serial plant killer, so only fresh cut flowers can survive and 2) I never underestimate grocery store flowers.
I admit, sometimes we do go to flower markets or drive downtown to buy those beautiful ranunculuses because those are one and only locations where I can get them. But most of the times I buy my flowers at Loblaw, Superstore, Longos or Costco. Sometimes I buy bouquet filling (thin twigs, leaves, ferns, etc.) and make a bouquet out of it. Other times I just buy field flowers and spread them among the tiny vases I have, which makes them look even more prettier.

dusty pink roses 2
This bouquet was on sale (50% off) when we went to buy some orange juice and something else I can’t remember. I saw it, I bought it, I was happy!


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