My Fall & Winter Skincare Routine

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You know what they say : “Winter is coming” and that means it’s time to hydrate and take extra care of your skin. Today I want to share with you skincare routine tips and tricks that help me personally among with the products that I’ve been using for over two months now.

As a blogger I have an opportunity to test out a variety of skincare, beauty and other products, and I’m really grateful for that! Those products were sent to me to test them out or given at the events, but (!!!) I loved them so much I’ve decided to share them with you.

5 Steps of my Winter Skincare Routine.

cleanser and toner Dr. Hauschka

Step 1. Cleansing.
No matter what skin type you are or what products you use, cleansing it a MUST in your skincare routine. This step has to be followed all year round!
I like to use Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk. It’s not only gently cleansing the face, calming the skin, but also reduces the appearance of redness.

Step 2. Toning.
I must admit, sometimes I forget to do it in the morning (when I’m in rush), but I always do it in the night. Toning controls your skin oiliness during the day and tightens the skin. The one that I use is in the spray form just because it’s way easier and faster. My method: after cleansing my face I spray it on the top and gently pad it with my fingers.

Step 3. Hydration.
This and the next step are most important ones for winter skincare routine. More hydration means more radiance, which gives your face healthy complexion. My favorite product at the moment: Jouviance Hydractive Serum.

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Step 4. Moisturize.
Currently I’m in love with the same line product: Moisturizing Comfort Cream. I use it in the morning as it’s light enough to go under my makeup, yet it’s moisturizing enough to keep my skin soft and protect it from the cold wind gusts and other weather changes.

Step 5. Face masks.
This is another year round step, but somehow people forget about it.
My current favorite face masks were listed here.

night skincare routine jouviance

Night Skincare Routine.

After my makeup is removed I repeat Step 1 & Step 2 and continue with Step 3 and Step 4, but using different products. Why I do it? In fall/winter time I moisturize my skin more at night time as I feel that by the end of the day it needs more help to restore its moisture balance.

I use Vitamin C Youth Boosting Night Serum by gently patting it all over my face and neck and give it a minute or two to completely absorb. This step helps with brightening up and repairing my skin while I sleep.

In case if you didn’t know it’s very important to use a moisturizer over the serum to seal it into the skin. I use Ultimate Anti-Aging Regenerating Cream, because I’m at that age where anti-aging is a must 🙂

My total time for each morning or night routine takes not more than 5 minutes, but I can really see the difference in the morning. Please remember that you can see the result only when you stick to your routine daily, doing this once a week won’t help.

Don’t forget your SPF! In your moisturizer, foundation or powder – it’s a must!
I’ll talk about eye creams in another blog post. Jouviance winter skin care 2


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  1. Sofia N
    November 22, 2017 / 8:23 pm

    Dr. Hauschka has some amazing products!! I have never tried Jouviance however, will need to check it out 🙂

    Love and Light, Sofia

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