Few of my favorite things: Facial Serums

favorite face serums

Long time ago I tried to do monthly favorites posts and failed. There were several reason behind this. One of them is that I can’t judge about a product by monthly performance. Sometimes two weeks are enough, sometimes two months, sometimes two days. The other, I couldn’t decide what products I should feature, should it be makeup, skincare, food, decor or else?

Well I decided to do “Few of my favorites” posts where I can share absolutely everything. I don’t know yet whether it will be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly feature, but we’ll see how it goes.
Today’s post will be all about facial serum(s). As you can see on the photo I’ve included only a few, since some of my faves are on re-order, others have a bit of them left and let’s all agree it won’t look beautiful on a picture 🙂

favorite skincare and serum


– works for day & night. This serum helped me when I had very dried skin (after freezing low temperatures) last year and is helping me second year in a row. After some time I’ve started to use it for my forehead and neck only as I feel those areas need most of the hydration (I’ve been neglecting the forehead and neck care for some time).


– I did the review on the Darphin serum before and my opinion is the same – if you can invest in it – you should! Works perfectly in the night time and gives that ultimate hydration, especially if used with the deep moisturizing cream after that.


– I got it just before the New Year and been using it ever since. It does hydrate my skin and gives that moisture shield that I need through the day. I’ve been applying this facial serum last thing in the morning, just before I start to prepare for the makeup. I didn’t see any redness or breakouts from it and would highly recommend it for its fast absorbing effect and really nice texture. I’ve also seen my skin tone and texture improved!

favorite facial serums


– bought it as a Christmas set from me to me 🙂 It does brighten up the face and reduces the pigmentation from sun, redness from acne and improves overall skin color. One thing it also does – dries up the skin a bit. That’s why I recommend to use another hydrating serum after that, I use the one above, from Renovita.

Ole Henriksen

– boosts the vitamin C in your skin and gets you that energizing glow. Been using it mostly in spring-summer time and even got the mini version so I can carry it with me when I travel. Was repurchased 3 times and will be definitely bought 4th time this Spring.










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  1. Ava Walker
    October 6, 2017 / 3:07 pm

    The Ole Henrikson product sounds really nice. I love a good vitamin c serum, I feel like they help the skin SO much!! thanks for the tips!!! http://www.faceserum.com

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