Favourite Skincare & Makeup of 2019

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Hello, beauties!
Last year I did the Favourite Beauty & Skincare of 2018, and it’s been a hit, so I decided to do the same this year.
I’ll start from skincare first as I’ve used three different brands throughout the past few months and have the fourth that I’ve started using a few weeks before the New Year.



Well, if you know me, you know that I’m loyal to Jouviance and been using it for more than two years. And so, this review will be short with the same opinion from me. It works! I’ve tried the hydrating cream, which absorbed so quickly that it almost felt like a gel, but with more hydration in it. This year I’ve tried the newest addition to the line: cleansing gel and cleansing foam. I must say it’s nice to have a multitasking product, which hydrates, balances and tones the skin and leaves it soft. I’ve used the gel at nighttime and foam with salicylic acid in the morning and been happy with this particular regime.


A very new brand for me (although the official year Dermalogica brand was born in the same as I did) that I’ve heard a lot before and saw many people using and recommending it. Based on the reviews, I was eager to try it out and let me tell you all those 5-star reviews were true! Each product deserves the highest rating and let me tell you why.

Precleanse Oil and Cleansing Gel.
Never have I tried something like that. I’m used to the idea of using just one product to wash my face and neck, and here you have two products. I was a bit skeptical about that when I saw this at first, but let me tell you it’s worth to spend that extra minute (or two) and do it step by step. The pre-cleanse gives a very fresh feel to the face, and the cleansing gel gives that squeaky clean result.

Face polish.
Another new product for me. I’m used to scrubs, micro exfoliants that come in a gel form, but I have never used the powder product. Very gentle and delicate product to use on a daily basis, I’d give it a 10-star rating if I could.

Face toner and cream.
Now that is something that I know how to use well, so all good here. Very hydrating cream (that I apply extra when leaving for a stroller walk with cold and windy weather) and great toner that I spray on my hands and then gently pat it on the face and neck.

I love what they say about them, their packaging is not designed to match the colour or style of trending Pinterest bathrooms, but they are formulated without any harmful ingredients and the products work!


I’ve seen Riversol products in many blogger wish lists and was surprised that it’s a Canadian brand that has been there for quite a while now! Not only do they offer a sample kit that should last you for 15 days (and believe it or not, it’s enough to make a decision), they do the best glycolic peel I’ve tried! I’m one week away from finishing cream and serum and still have some of the sunscreen and cleanser.
What I can say my hydration kit helped me to restore the skin balance, and I have no dry patches left.


A relatively new line (launched this January), and I’m already loving it and even have my favourite product.
I love that all of the ingredients are clean, and there is a pleasant smell from each product. I’ve been testing my Innisfree kit for three weeks now, and my skin loved every bit of it!


Catrice x Eman

This line is very affordable, and each palette is of high quality and pigmented. I couldn’t make it to the product launch, but the company sent it to me to try, and I’ve been using it ever since. If you saw my IG stories, you remember me talking about Catrice x Eman collaboration.
I mix two blush colours Shisha & Alexandria, for a natural glowing look, and because the colours are well pigmented, I need a tiny, tiny amount.
As for the eyeshadows, well, you can probably guess that I use Mulholland Dr as my eyeliner, mix of Laguna & Malibu as a base colour, Hollywood Blvd in the corners (like I did on a New Year) and Fairfax to blend it all out.

The rest of my beauty favourites you can find here.


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