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Today’s blog post will be that most of you can relate you: styling your workwear from AM to PM. Although I freelance right now, I still love my classy pieces, preppy outfits and suit/blazer styles. I feel like this is something that running through my veins and I’ll wear this style forever!

When I was contacted by Le Chateau to participate in their #fromworktolife campaign, I was happy to do it! After all, this is something that I was doing for all 10 years of my office work. I decided to show off the casual Friday style, just because it is my favourite. Casual office outfits give you more freedom, are covers and give you a chance to show off some of the inspiring looks to everyone who you work with.

When I saw this tweed/boucle blazer in the store, I couldn’t pass it! It has a looser fit than tailored blazers, but this is the fit I loved and was looking for. This tweed blazer is relatively warm so you can make a quick coffee run even if in the colder the weather. It can easily be work over the cotton or wool blend turtleneck for a warmer feel. I will definitely style it with a knitted dress, opaque tights and same patent booties closer to the end of October.

The whole look is just perfect for running some errands after work, like flower picking, or during your lunchtime, or a simple lunch break with your Instagram feed scrolling! And when your shift is over, you are ready for friends to meet up and dinner after.

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This post was made in collaboration with Le Chateau


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