Gold Pendant Necklaces: My Newest Dainty Obsession

Gold Pendant Necklaces (5 of 5)

Behold my newest collection of gold pendant necklaces! I’ve seen this trend for the past year and was slowly adding more and more gold toned jewelry to my collection. Of course, as with most of the things, when I try something new, I stick to the inexpensive options just to try out how it works for me. Once the trend becomes my style staple, I invest in something more expensive, that can last me a lifetime!

As you can see, I’ve decided to start with some inexpensive options and began my online shopping journey for the gold pendant necklaces from Asos and Mango. I personally love Asos more for the jewelry shopping as this website has many options and abundance of similar items! I’ve listed same and similar items for you so if you like anything you can quickly get yourself one or two necklaces!

As for the styling tips, just give me more time to take some photos and post them all here. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram to check all the newest obsessions and style options.

Gold Pendant Necklaces (1 of 5)

Gold Pendant Necklaces (4 of 5)

From Left to Right: Asos Orelia | Mango | Asos Design Collection | Asos Orelia


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