Hello 2018! Story of my Faux Vest & H&M Sweater đź–¤

Faux Fur Vest toronto winter style 2

Unlike my fellow bloggers I’ve entered this New Year 2018 without any resolutions, but with some goals I’ll try to achieve. I won’t describe them in details because they are pretty simple: eat clean, move/workout more, improve in photography, post more on the blog, and of course: stop being lazy. Ho, and one more thing: finally start to read ALL those freaking books that I bought in 2017!
So, my goals are more like me yelling in my ear type of things that I need to do. They are not hard, therefore I might even achieve them (lol).

Faux Fur Vest winter style

One other thing that I struggle (besides being super lazy) is freaking cold that we have here in the winter months. I know, I complain about that every (!!!) winter and that’s why I’ve transitioned my style blog into a lifestyle, just because I have other material that I can post throughout the winter (and the rest of the year) instead of freezing my bum trying to do three style posts per week.

h&m sequin sweater 1
Now, I managed to take some photos (read as forced my husband to to it), while it was still mild outside, so therefore there will be some style posts after all!

Faux Fur Vest toronto winter style
This faux fur vest is one of those things that I really love to wear and end up not taking any photos of it. Sounds stupid I know, but this is one of those habits I wish I could get rid of. So, I’ve been wearing this beautiful (and super stylish in my opinion) faux fur vest for more than a year now and finally have a decent photo in it 🙂

Usually I wear it with the leather jacket (underneath) and it looks like a super cool fall/winter coat. Since the weather was mild that day I styled it with thick, wool sweater that I bought long time ago from H&M. Still regret I got the XS size instead of S or even M, just because it looked so big on a model that I decided to size down. By the time I received it, they were out of stock in other sizes and I liked it so much I decided to keep it as is.

Have a wonderful day everyone and stay warm!

h&m sequin sweater    Faux Fur Vest winter style 2  winter knit sweater with sequins

Faux fur vest: Nordstrom | Jeans: Zara | Sweater: H&M | Shirt: Zara | Boots: Aldo | Bag: Michael Kors | Watch: Daniel Wellington


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