High Waisted Jeans For Summer | Cold Shoulder Top Style Idea

High waisted jeans are a great piece to elongate your legs, define your hips and (natural) waist as well as wear that crop top if you don’t have a six pack or just, don’t want to be too revealing.

cold shoulder top summer style 3

I don’t know how many times I wore this pair, but you’ve probably seen them more times than you should. What can I do, I love them that much! I think that for a person who is more minimalist with their wardrobe this will be another great idea on how to style your favourite pair of jeans. After all most of the people have only a few pairs that they wear throughout the year and are continually seeking a new way or idea on how to wear them.

As for the top, cold shoulder trend is still booming, and many variations are selling on the market year after year after year. Yes, this style is very comfortable, has a lovely way of showing off a bit of skin while being discreet and overall looks great on most of the body types. Most of the cold shoulder tops are with frills, flow or oversized (my preference). You can easily style it with shorts, dress pants or as I did with high waisted jeans. I specifically designed this outfit wearing the top both ways: untucked and tucked in, just to give you an example of how it will look both ways.

I really hope I helped you with some inspiration in case if you had something similar laying in your closet and you didn’t know how to style it.

high waisted jeans summer style 2

cold shoulder top summer style 4

cold shoulder top summer style 2

Top: Zara | Jeans: Zara | Slippers: Zara | Bag: Zara

Other ways I’ve styled these jeans:



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