H&M Parka Time!

Hope you all had great holidays and prepared for the New Year!!!

As you can see these photos were made a while ago, since it’s soooo hard to capture the looks when it’s freezing and icy cold outside (today it was -22)!
This parka was bought mainly for the warm and easy wearing reasons, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t add some elegance to it!
Surprisingly this whole outfit is H&M only (except the boots and the cross body bag), which I realized only now, when looking at the photos 🙂
I just love my shoulder sequinned top, which can be worn as is or over a plaid shirt.
Last thing that I’m obsessed about is my warm and almost lightweight scarf, which will hide you from all the winter gusts and cold weather (we went skiing and this scarf saved my neck!).


Parka, top, scarf, pants and necklace: H&M.
Cross body bag: Aldo

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