L.A. Trip Part 1 | Scenic Views in Los Angeles

skyspace L.A. (1 of 10)

Finally, I’m sharing all those beautiful pictures that we did when we visited Los Angeles in the beginning of this month!
It was hard not to snap anything, just because there was so much beauty around us! I’ll try to share most of the photos, and decided to split them by themes (like scenic views, landscape, style, fun), so you could see more interesting things and maybe add some of them to your travel list.

This first blog post will cover two of the most iconic locations where you can see my top two places with scenic views in Los Angeles: OUE SkySpace & Griffith Observatory.
It’s not a secret that to understand how big and how beautiful one city is you need to see it from the top, so that’s what we did.

First, there was OUE SkySpace.

skyspace L.A. (8 of 10)
California’s tallest open air observation deck. Panoramic, 360-degree views of Los Angeles. Very chill, very beautiful, not that crowdy as we expected it to be and of course with the best views in town. You can either go for a Skyslide (add extra $8 to the ticket price) or simply walk around the observation deck, sit on comfy couches and admire the beauty. Need more? Go inside and get a mimosa with a scenic view from the window.
I knew (from Instagram, as we all do) that there was a decal with Colette Miller angel wings, and of course I couldn’t leave without taking a pic with them 🙂

Ticket price $25

Now for the best scenic view…

Of course it was Griffith Observatory!

I mean, just look at my photos and you’ll understand!
As I’ve mentioned before “one cannot simply go to L.A. and not take a hike” 🙂 In order to get up to the observatory you’ll have to take a quick hike (unless you’ll be lucky to find a parking spot closer to the observatory). Trust me, it’s absolutely worth it! The scenic view that you’ll see on your way to the top will only boost your desire to see it all!
I suggest to go there around 7 PM (spring/summer) so you can enjoy both day light & sunset views! Here I don’t even need to describe anything, just scroll down the page and enjoy!

griffith observatory (1 of 9)

griffith observatory (2 of 9)

griffith observatory (3 of 9) griffith observatory (6 of 9)

griffith observatory (4 of 9)

griffith observatory (7 of 9)

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griffith observatory (5 of 6)

griffith observatory (6 of 6)

griffith observatory (8 of 9)

griffith observatory (9 of 9)
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  1. May 2, 2018 / 4:19 pm

    What a fantastic place! I dream through your pics, thanks for sharing them with us!

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