Linen Blazer to Elevate Your Summer Style

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If you follow the trends, check out print or online magazine, follow some of the bloggers on Instagram or read any Spring/Summer trend style reports you’ll know linen in the thing this season! Linen blazers finally came back to their trendy state and presented in more colors and number of forms.

linen blazer summer street style 2Now, I know that linen blazers were always on the market, but one thing that discouraged me most in buying any of them – the fabric composition. 100% linen may be the best, but it wrinkles as hell! I was waiting for all the high street markets to adopt this trend and start to produce linen clothing with the mixed composition like linen + cotton, linen + lyocell, etc. and this day has come!
Your blazer can be the staple thing the whole summer if you work in the office with air conditioning, have chilly summer nights, have a sudden change of weather or simply want to have an extra layer, but not melt in the sun! It also helps to prevent the sunburn if you need to stay outdoors under the scorching sun, like on the summer wedding!

So we finally came to my outfit! When I saw this blazer online I knew right away “Babe; you’ll be mine!”. Stripes, natural white & blue colors, length, light fabric – all was perfect. I have a few pairs of camisoles, which I love, but do not feel comfortable in wearing on its own, so this will save the situation. I also have a few pairs of shorts and jeans that work out in a decent outfit when worn together. Today’s look is just one of the many variations of it.

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On the website this blazer war paired with (not linen) same color striped shorts, which of course I had to buy. They look perfect, the only downside they made of viscose, therefore they are not as thick (read safe to wear on their own). Still, I’ll be wearing them as a duo all summer long!

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Blazer: H&M | Jeans: J. Crew | Top: Abercrombie | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Rebecca Minkof |



  1. June 4, 2018 / 9:23 am

    what a gorgeous blazer! I love the nautical stripes and how light it looks! Perfect for summer dressing i’d say!

    Thanks for sharing

    Jo |

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