Locals Toronto: Nugateau Patisserie

nugateau eclairs

It took me almost a year to resume the “Locals” tag on my blog, but I’ve mastered the art of phone photography in this time and have an updated mini camera, so I’m ready to resume it!
One of the most popular questions I’ve been getting lately (through many of my social channels) was: Where did you get those pretty sweets from? The answer is only one, for the mouth drooling eclairs we drive to the one and only Nugateau Patisserie! This post is not sponsored, although I’d be happy if it were, and you can see how much I post them on my Instagram. So obviously love for anything beautiful, and my sweet tooth is writing this.

Nugateau patisserie 1

The photos speak for themselves, beautiful eclairs with mouthwatering taste. Exceptionally designed and handcrafted (if you’ll go to the store you can take a glimpse of the kitchen where the magic happens). All of this makes those eclairs look like a piece of art. And don’t forget how completely instagrammable they are. The only downside for me personally is location. If you live nearby Liberty Village, then it’s great, but if you live on the other side of the town or outside of it, then it is a problem. Also, don’t expect the price to be the same as your regular checkout candy bar, it’s higher because of all the natural ingredients used and, of course, the way it’s made.

📍 Address: 717 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E6


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