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About a week and a half ago I visited the Mix Beauty Lab event I was kindly invited. The idea was to help each girl who attended in the creation of a custom-made lip gloss, lipstick and foundation!
Now, I don’t know about you, but I never heard about that and therefore, never attended this kind of events nor was invited or gifted this kind of a present. To say I had much fun is to say nothing. Not only I’ve learned so much about how much work goes into every shade of any makeup product, but also became an artist for an hour and played with my favourite shades.
You can see the outcome on my lips and my face!


I aimed for a dark berry/red tone, something that is winter and Christmas appropriate and something that I could wear throughout the year – a tough choice I know. We ended up picking a satin base (so it can stay longer on my lips) and mixing all kind of red, blue, orange brick, berry and even white shades into it. It might sound scary, but look how awesome it turned out!
The best thing is the application! I can wear it in two to three layers for a winter/Christmas time and one layer with a gloss for Spring/Summer. I’ve tested out this lipstick on our date night with lasagna and dessert, and it did stay on me after I was finished.


Another excellent product, which by the way included something I always struggle to put on and I mean sunscreen. I’ve also asked for this foundation to be light because I like the CC cream texture and probably never wear any heavy foundations. Added bonus – moisturizer and glow drops! I always use a highlighter, and a sparkly base underneath my makeup for the healthy inner glow look so here it is included! No more extra products, because this foundation has it all. As for the application it glides on my skin, doesn’t irritate and moisturize it. Stays for the whole day and looks beautiful on me.

Lip Gloss

When creating this lip gloss, I was aiming for a berry colour, something that I could wear on top of my nude lipsticks. We went with a sheer texture, but I added some mica powder for subtle shimmer and voila beautiful lip colour is done! I also chose the scent, sunscreen, moisture drops and probably something else I don’t remember now and love how it feels on my lips.

Mix beauty lab experience (1 of 5)

This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share my excitement with you!



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