Montreal Trip

Old port


So this (long) weekend we had mini vacation in Montreal, Quebec, which is french part of Canada.
It became almost tradition to go there once a year and each time we go there it’s always exiting and full of new emotions. This time we got there by ourselves and our friends came day after that.
Now if you’ve been in Europe, it will not awe or amaze you, but you will find something interesting there. What I’ve noticed this time due to all construction they have you will see more beauty at dusk and night, rather than day (solely my opinion). I wanted to check out the famous Botanical Garden, where they have all kind of shapes and sizes of flower figures (festival), but due to the rainy weather we had to cancel this, well more to see next year 🙂
What I would recommend you to do…
Food: Definitely visit the Paris Crepe for those delicious crepes and Boutique Point G for the tastiest macarons (seriously, I’ve tasted all of them in Toronto – nothing compares to those buddies!)
Sightseeing: Old Montreal (walk, ride a carriage, take a boat tour around it), Biodome (old olimpic complex), Downtown Montreal and Mount Royal mountain as well as Oratory St. Joseph for the breathtaking city view from the above.
Shop: for the souvenirs shop the local Innuit and Quebec gifts, clothes: few shopping centres above the ground and one underground.
This should be enough for a few days of visiting.


Oratory St. Joseph




La Joute (fire fountain)


Delicious pancakes and macarons


Stairs and staircases



Streets of old Montreal




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