Mornings Like This: Quick & Easy Breakfast Idea 🍽

It might sound cliche, but I love breakfasts! I consider breakfast as my main meal of the day, which has to be nourishing (but not too heavy) and beautiful at the same time.

salmon and cream cheese bagel breakfast


While you can figure out the idea behind why breakfast needs to be nourishing you might question the second part. Even if I’m running out of time I still have spare time to have my morning meal and few minutes to style it.

I mean won’t your mood be raised if you saw something beautiful on your plate? Today’s breakfast idea is oldie, but goodie. Any type of pita, bread or bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers and chives are everything that you’ll need for it. Don’t overthink the styling: even the mess will look beautiful in this combination!


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