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You may see me posting from time to time our quiet morning breakfasts and sometimes I receive direct messages about how do I manage to do it. The question is not only about the time, but also about the atmosphere. So, here is my art of having a perfect breakfast on the weekends or vacation.
These are not your “I forgot Sunday is over“ or “oh boy, I’m in a hurry” typical breakfasts. You need to do it leisurely.
Take your time, savor the moment when cooking pancakes, feel the joy of what’s coming up. Slow down, smell the vanilla, fresh brewed tea or coffee and the sweet scent of berries that present in your kitchen.

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Add some magic. Style your breakfast as if you are in the movie.

Have you ever thought why we love to watch those cozy old Hollywood movies of people having those fancy and at the same time simple weekend breakfasts? Why do we enjoy so much the aesthetics of the Pinterest, Food magazines or even Ikea catalog photos? Not only because they are pretty, but also because they feel real. It’s not that hard to make same, photogenic, tasty, stylish and incredible moody breakfast if you have some extra time in the morning.

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But what should I do if I don’t have that much time, but still want to have a perfectly hygge breakfast with the family? Well, it’s the 21st century, and almost all the stores now have waffles, frozen or fresh crepes, a bunch of jams and fresh berries and of course orange juice. Just buy it the night before and use it in the morning. It will only take you 5 minutes to “cook” and serve, but you’ll have the mood for the whole day.
Have more time? Cook them ahead (day or night before), microwave in the morning and serve. Voila!
And yes, I know that because I sometimes do it myself. And even if my experience is based on our little family, it’s still a great idea to do it for the more prominent families.

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Now, let us talk about visuals.

It’s very easy to make your breakfast or brunch more visually appealing.
Basic items are:

  • tea towel (which any Ikea, Home Sense or Marshalls has) or cotton/linen napkin. Natural fabrics are easier to wash and they have that perfect texture.
  • matching cups & flatware – might not be easy for someone, but this combination instantly adds some class to the setup.
  • fresh fruits or berries – because they make everything look better and they are good for you!
  • marmalade or jam – because it’s tasty and yes, because it looks beautiful on any breakfast/brunch table
  • fresh press – of course optional! I never have a magazine or my table while eating my breakfast, but I really wanted that 5-star hotel breakfast magazine photo, so I added it.

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