My Current Obsessions.

Well it’s almost winter time so it’s getting colder and gloomier and you just want to stay in your bed all day long. When this happens to me I try to cheer up myself with some things that make me happy. Doesn’t matter if it’s food, drink or clothes as long as it makes me warm and cozy it’s one of the best fall mood swings cure!

My current obsessions are many things, but I will point out few of them.


There are many candles out there, all nice looking and good smelling but I’m a sucker for the Bath & Body Works candles. I buy them only on promotions so I can get 2 big candles for the price of 1 and 3 mini candles for almost free. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw few photos with my Autumn picks.
What I love most about the mini candles is that you can fir them in your old stylish candle holders. Last year I’ve bought pumpkin candle from Pottery Barn and once the candle burned I’ve cleaned it and not it’s best seasonal candle holder for all kind of mini candles.

Nail Polish.

So, all the bright colors (except all time fave red) are stored in the box with summer clothes and now it’s time for those dark, black & burgundy shaded colors. Just going in the mall and seeing all those new shades makes me exited and I can’t stop myself from buying them 🙂 Here’s what in my To Buy list:

Lip products.

Hydration is a must! I’m stoking up on all the lip balms and scrubs as for me fall/winter time is the hardest! One of my recent buys are Fresh beauty Sugar lip polish and balms/treatments.

Plaid scarf.

I’ve ordered mine from Glitter and Bow Etsy shop since I couldn’t find this particular plaid color anywhere at that time, but there are many others online (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) you can find.

What’s your current obsession?


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