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5 Best Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas for you

I’ll repeat myself, but to me breakfast is the most important meal of my day. Saying that I always try to improvise and make it not only tasty, but also appealing.

Let’s be honest, oatmeal has always been at the bottom of the breakfast rating, especially competing with the options like pancakes (which I desperately love), cereal, sandwiches and sometimes even yesterdays pizza.
While all the options sound great we eat our oats because it’s good for our health. Luckily for you there are myriads of options that can easily fix this problem.

I know, I know, there is anther option like granola with yogurt, which is quite popular these days. And while granola with yogurt has love from most of us, oatmeal is still considered as something boring and tasteless. So today I’m sharing five best ideas on how to making your morning oatmeal breakie more interesting and tasty.

5 Best Oatmeal ideas for Breakfast

Coconut and fruit.

Regular shredded coconut will give a little twist to an ordinary flavor, while toasted coconut will give more sweetness (in case if you are “almost” sugar free).
Adding fresh fruit like peaches or mango (or both!!!) will make it your morning tropical treat.

Dried berries (or fruits).

The best addition to every oatmeal. Being typical oatmeal garnishes it’s loved by most. While fresh berries give you nice juiciness, dried berries or fruits will give you all the aroma, sweetness and more flavor.

Jam or marmalade.

As old as it gets this will make anything better. Just mix it into cooked oats and voila, you have something better in a second with fruity flavor.

Seeds and syrup.

For extra energy and healthy sweetness, try adding seeds (like sunflower or pumpkin) and maple or agave syrup.

Banana and chocolate.

A lot of bananas and a bit (teeny-tiny) of chocolate. I prefer to freeze dark chocolate and then grind it into the hot oatmeal. You can use chocolate syrup if you like.

5 Best Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas


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