Niagara Falls Trip: Winter 2018

frozen Niagara Falls winter 2018

For 8 years living in Canada I have never seen Niagara Falls in winter. Sounds crazy, considering the fact that we go there every year, different seasons, but never when it’s cold.

winter Niagara Falls style 1

Well, this winter it finally happened. The main reason for this was extremely cold that we had for almost a month and all the news about Niagara Falls (US side) being frozen. Now how could we miss that?
This Saturday we decided to make a quick trip there and back (to a warm home, my porcini risotto and a glass of wine) and here’s the result.

frozen Niagara Falls winter 2018 4

After seeking a parking spot for 45 minutes, because apparently all the people were doing the same, we were lucky to see this beauty on the sunset. Because if was sunny that day we could capture all the cotton candy sky colors, which made the waterfalls even more beautiful.

winter Niagara Falls style 3

If you want to know what kept us warm the answer is simple, very warm winter jackets, thermal clothing, wool sweater (for me), and of course constant movement, lol. By the time we came back to the car I thought my nose will fall off, but it was absolutely worth it!

frozen Niagara Falls winter 2018 2 frozen Niagara Falls winter 2018 3   niagara falls in winter  winter Niagara Falls style 2

Parka: Arctic Bay | Sweater: Mendocino | Jeans: Abercrombie | Shoes: Adidas | Hat & gloves: Roots


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