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For everyone who doesn’t follow me on Instagram a week ago, we went to New York City! I highlighted all the cool places and exciting views, along with other stuff we did throughout the day here. Now, when all bags are unpacked, and I finally have some energy I’ll be doing a few posts with the style and some places you can go when visiting NYC.

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Every time we visit New York City we go to the Top of The Rock. This place is like a magnet to me, with the astonishing view and lots of people. Comparing Top of The Rock in NYC with the OUE Skyspace in Los Angeles – first is more crowded, probably more popular among the tourists, doesn’t have the lounge area, but has the view you pay your money to see. I won’t share the panoramic photos because a) I shared them before, b) we didn’t take the pro camera with us; therefore the image quality didn’t allow me to make this kind of shots and c) the city looks even more beautiful closer to the sunset, in my opinion. Today I’ll share my photos with the one, iconic view of the Empire State Building, which by the way we also visited, but didn’t go on top.

When you are exiting the building, there are plenty of things to do on the streets as well! Starting from the Channel Gardens (spring/summer) or Rink at Rockefeller Center (fall/winter) and ending with the shopping trip on the famous 5th Avenue.


The price for the standard ticket: USD 39,

The Sun & Stars (the first trip is in the early morning and the second is before the sunset): USD 54 for one adult.

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