Oetker oatmeal muffins.

Few days ago I’ve bought oatmeal muffin mix while grocery shopping and decided that I can give then a twist by adding just blueberries and decorations.
There is basically no recipe, just add water to the mix as per instructions on the package and add 1 1/2 cup of blueberries to the batter. Bake according the instructions. Once baked, cool them and sprinkle with some confectioner sugar on top.

Now I’m sharing my result and it really impressed me 🙂 Beautiful, perfect shaped and perfect tasting morning muffins for the whole family! I chose healthier option, that’s why I chose oatmeal and not classic mix.
I didn’t had the muffin cups so I bakes them in my cupcake silicone forms, they turned out smaller but the quantity was bigger 🙂
Next time I’ll definitely try muffins from the scratch, but this time even my cat loved them!


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