OldNavy Drapey Pants.

Hey guys!
This is the most simple yet comfiest style I’ve done recently. Those type of pants are the best you can find out there believe me! Drapey to feel all the freedom in moves, flowy to make your skin breathe in the hot hot weather and still have good shape, and not make you look as a balloon (if you know what I mean). I’ve decided to pair them with the flowy top to make this all “relaxed and chick” look and I think it turned out right!
I’ve tested them in the 86F outside and in 69F inside the office and it was good in both temperatures. They wrinkle a little, but not as much as linen fabric so you can spend in them all day long and still look and feel wonderful!

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Top: Jacob (long sleeve) | Pants: OldNavy | Loafers: Forever21 | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: Pandora


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