• Polka Dot Culottes | Minimal Summer Style

    The main reason why I’m so in love with my polka dot culottes is that they look like a skirt from some angles, but that still are pants!

    Current Mood: Oladushki

    If you know what oladushki are, you'll understand why I put them into the "mood" category.Soft, moist, fluffy, small and full of calories, lol.

    Pearl Barrette Short Hair Style

    Oh, hi there! It’s been a while since I posted here, so today I'm showing you the loved by everyone pearl barrette trend on me.

    GAP Softspun Dress | Stroller Walk

    I had GAP softspun t-shirts for ages and been wearing them non-stop so when I saw that grey soft spun dress in the store it was very impulsive, but excellent buy!

    Opposite Wall Gallery Prints | Vanity Table Update

    I really need to review and change most of our wall gallery prints in the living, but I got lucky and was gifted new prints for my vanity table gallery.

    Peplum Top & Jeans | Cherry Blossoms Style

    I love this simple peplum top & jeans outfit because it’s so comfortable and easy to move in, yet stylish and pretty.

    Waffle Breakfast at Home

    It seems like forever since I posted a lovely breakfast that I’ve made and this is no different.

    Neutral Street Style Head to Toe

    I became a big fan of clean shapes, elegant lines, functional quality fabrics, and going towards the neutral street style.

    Linen Stripe Dress | Hello Weekend

    Who would have thought that my lined stripe dress will fit me better postpartum than before I got pregnant? I honestly never thought that this is possible!

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