• Morning Coffee Ramble | Pinspiration

    Ever since becoming a mama morning coffee became a sacred ritual for me. Those 10 minutes of peace & quiet with a cup of hot (I repeat HOT) coffee is a necessity for every mother out there.

    Morning Stroll in Polka Dot Dress | Mommy Style

    I love the idea of re-wearing my old clothes, especially if they are multifunctional. This polka dot dress is one of those items.

    Checked Blazer & Jeans | Sunny Weather OOTD

    This is my casual style outfit and is quite basic, and to be honest, was transformed into “out for a stroll“ style later that day.

    Skincare Essentials: Face Oil, Body Oil & Cuticle Serum

    In this post, I will talk about the skincare essentials that I’ve been using for quite a while now. I hope you will like my newbies’ review!

    Casual Denim Outfit | Walking With a Stroller

    This casual denim outfit is one of them. Of course, there are other options for a walk with a stroller, but I still try to keep some style even in we go out for an hour.

    Spring Skincare: Favorite Face Masks

    Continuing with my skincare obsession and limited time I have right now to care about my skin I’m presenting you my spring skincare favourite face masks!

    Casual Mom Outfit: Stripes and Denim Vibes

    Currently, I’m transitioning my wardrobe from comfy winter to spring/summer casual mom outfit(s) and this is the first out of many!

    Early Mothers Day with Nude by Nature Gift Sets

    I really love how thoughtful those Mothers Day sets from Nude by Nature are, including everything you need for the “fresh face” or a “no makeup” look.

    Little Dainty Necklace: My Mejuri Favourite

    Not a long time ago I received a gift from the company I fell in love in the past year - Mejuri. Today I’m styling their new Rose Quartz Necklace!

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