• Ruffle Hem Dress Pregnancy Style Idea for Valentines

    I’ve had this ruffle hem dress for over two years, been wearing it every winter and somehow never did a photo in it.

    Details of the Week: Gold Jewelry

    In today's short post I’ve decided to share these weeks favourite accessories: my gold jewelry.

    Russian Shawl Scarf Winter Street Style

    As much as it is getting harder to style the items that I already own there are still things that will fit everyone in any body size and shape: long, shawl scarfs!

    Acrylic Jewelry Organizer Idea

    I decided to finally do something with my jewelry collection and finally went to the Muji store for that Pinterest perfect acrylic jewelry organizer.

    Neutral Colored Winter Pregnancy Outfit

    Today I'm sharing another regular knit dress styled as a winter pregnancy outfit which you can also recreate if you can stretchy knit dress.

    My Top 3 Pink Skincare Products | Winter Skincare Faves

    As a continuation of my top skincare posts, I’m sharing my top 3 pink winter skincare products in today's blog post!

    Preppy City Outfit | Pregnant Style

    Today I’m sharing this simple pregnant style outfit as a reminder that you can easily blend in regular wardrobe items from your closet and maternity pieces, without breaking the bank.

    Nude by Nature Lip Products Review | Beauty Faves

    Exactly a month ago I made my first purchase for Nude by Nature lip products. Here’s my opinion on them! P. S. they are all keepers!

    Long Wool Coat That Will Go With Any Outfit

    The long wool coat is a winter must-have which doesn’t depend on the place where you are living. This wardrobe staple will elevate the entire look even if it’s cozy casual.


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